viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013


CARIBBEAN BOTANICA is a branch of:,where all started. I feel the need to keep a space to write about  issues created by feeble minds, ignorant/avaricious fools on one hand.  On the other, most conventional people in general, following the herd to the slaughter house without a little or some introspection.

On this post, one in a series I try to convey the concept of prairie in urban contexts as shown in the photos.  Native grasses provide food, shelter and nest building materials for all kinds of fauna.

Grasses provide color, texture, changing shapes with wind motion in a sterile, dull, rigid concrete/asphalt panorama dominating the cities in Puerto Rico, USA.

However, the notion of grasses and weeds as something unwanted, without aesthetics, synonym of ghost, abandoned urban scapes is predominant.  Their enemy are terrorists with trimmers as in the video.  These mostly young, illiterate  green industry workers do as they are told to do in  landscapes in the photos, as in gutters, sidewalks city wide in the San Juan Metro areas. 

Lets leave that there for know.

to be continued

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