sábado, 19 de octubre de 2013


WHILE reading perhaps, one of the most subtle, brutal criticism to church, religion, Phillip Pullman, states through one of the characters in The Amber Spyglass that: 'the history of mankind is one of wisdom vs stupidity'.

It is true. However, since my interest in ecoenvironmental activity is focused in action, not words, I add that most crusaders in this bandwagon are particularly stupid and narrow minded, in ISLA ESTRELLA, where they have carved their own niches with Federal Grants, lacking credentials or imagination in terms of biodiversity, meaningful activities to restore the 'natural' environment in the urban context, beyond preaching the planting of trees without maintenance and glorified by the media collecting garbage without recycling...Just moving it from underwater/surface to the local dump in black plastic bags.

Here, a couple of activities requiring a couple of tools on one hand, on the other a compromise and understanding of biodiversity.

Trimming, pruning correctly does not require a Jarvard degree, just study, research, observation, respect to the surroundings, mostly in the hands of very stupid, ignorant, lazy people, from top to bottom.

I have been taking care of 3 spaces, spots in my vicinity with great potential to do great things, however, I prefer to work solo, considering the lack of good faith and lackadaisical minds over here.

A little pruning of mostly wild weeds with my signature Cosmos in one case, and the correct pruning of a recently mutilated Murraya paniculata in Calle del Parque, not far from the feeble minded jerks in CIUDADELA..


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