martes, 14 de junio de 2016


THE 36 Murraya paniculata, planted by some wise, intelligent unknown person in Calle del Parque, Santurce are priceless.

Of the total, 5 in the sidewalk in front of Ciudadela's new 25 stories tower have been damaged by construction workers and scaffold.

Murraya paniculata is one in the top five species  for tropical urban contexts. Their size, shape, flowers, fragrance, beauty, lacking any need for maintenance and above all their age, over 40 years. 

Here is the formula to be used to determine how much Ciudadela should pay for destroying these priceless trees, until you find a better way....

 Pirrone's Tree Maintenance
Oxford University Press/2000
Pages 8-11
Tree Size
Tree size is expressed as the number  of square inches calculated for the area of the trunk cross section at 4.5 feet above ground. A price based on cost per unit of trunk area can be determined by calculating the cost per square inch of a transplantable tree. For example, if the cost of a 3-inch diameter tree (cross sectional area of 7 square inches) from the nursery is $300, then
the cost per square inch is about $42.50.  The size based value of a large, 16 inch diameter tree
 (trunk cross section area of 4.5 feet above ground is 201 inches) can be determined by multiplying $42.50 times 201, which computes to $8,545. When trees reach a certain size, additional trunk diameter does not add appreciably to the value, so adjustments need to be made in these calculations.  Also, trees with multiple trunks or low branching require special consideration. These issues are addressed in the guide. The tree value one obtains will need to be adjusted for species condition, and location to make the final appraisal.
I am not going to get into,  Tree species, Tree condition and Calculating the Value,  since  Isla Estrella de estatura galactica, Puerto Rico lo hace major, all the above information is irrelevant, meaningless, but for yours truly is an exercise of discipline,  critical, pragmatic, biocentric horticultural practice.
Get the book in amazon if you will, you will never regret it..


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