jueves, 21 de julio de 2016


I HAVE  taken some photos of the east, north, west side gardens for fun and the kind of feedback one can not get from eyes only at one moment or time. Light makes a powerful difference in any photo of any garden, for example at
9/12/5 PM depending on which cardinal point you are standing, not to get into photograph equipment, something irrelevant to me.  The garden is remarkable or not, period. In me eyes or one or two beyond the enclosure.

I committed the same sins of the average joe/jane six pack in gardening then. Took care of lawns, polluting with noise, fumes, gases, oil/gasoline without thinking of the extreme foolishness of having a garden or working for pay, making life for other flora/fauna and neighbors, miserable or impossible.

However, with constant investigation, research, collecting, planting, propagating and monitoring, I made amends. I decided not to buy plants from silly nurseries selling the exact same crap most gardeners in USA, from Florida and else think is a tropical garden and the owner retards sell in Puerto Rico.

To do that rigorously, consistently, it was necessary to maintain a botanical inventory to know what I have, to share with one or two people so far that have a similar perspective.  

It has been a decade of reading, following blogs, gardening sites in FB, in England, Spain, USA, Australia, India, Mexico and the worst, the isle where I live, Isla Estrella.

In every one of those places the most ignorant people think of a garden as a bunch of flowers in the soil, tomatoes/lettuce, or a pot, a planter.  Much worse is the lack of information on climatic change on one hand, the other is the infantile infatuation with lawns/palm trees.

There is no concept of composition, aesthetics, the flora/fauna in their context urban concrete/asphalt or merely boondocks in the middle of nowhere. Always the same crap from the equally crappy nurseries, no matter latitude/longitude,

Besides this, there are the edible, medicinal, bromeliads, orchids, roses and you name it freak collectors, forgetting the most simple principle in agriculture...when you have only one species planted in any context without biodiversity, then you have the perfect environment for disease, insect pests.

With 31 botanical families and 60 species there is not such a problem in our garden,http://noalpendejismopaisajista.blogspot.com/2016/01/shb-families-botanical-inventory-2016.html but people have great difficulty to look at the big picture, the environment, the flora/fauna in a biocentric context, not the silly anthropocentric dominating.

Last but not least, I have noticed that no matter the stupid garden or flowers someone his/hers is, the wolf pack will jump to say/write how 'beautiful', 'pretty' the awful photo is...beyond criteria or credentials.  Now I better go...I am worn out.

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