domingo, 4 de agosto de 2013


THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE with meaningless, useless, irrelevant good intentions in feisbuk.  Preachers without tools, focus, perspective, rigorous systematic habits, understanding of soil, air, water, temperature, diseases pertinent to ecological, environmental issues that your humble servant is not sure to laugh, cry, or shoot the staggering amount of fools stuck with collecting garbage as the only possibility in their feeble minds to be useful.

Restoring nature, in this case, mutilated trees, perhaps the most picturesque, unique in the whole of the Puertorican isle, for the fragrance of their flowers, resistance to disease, lack of concrete breaking root system and nice canopy.

Talk is cheap. Imagine if ten people out of the thousands infatuated with garbage collection syndrome, with the right tools, understanding of pruning, could follow me. one tree at a time...

Since that logic is not going to happen, I will continue my solitary mission, without press conferences and media attention. After all they are all a bunch of retards without vision...but prone to fever recognition the incredible jerk who recently asked me, how do I want to be remembered.

The same idiot that keeps a header in his feisbuk  spot from a foreign farm....his dream...Surely, he has never shared a photo of his farm. JERK.  dream if that is all you can do

I rather set trends as I have, than look for posing or incontrollable desires for recognition....


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