viernes, 2 de agosto de 2013


THE MORE I LOOK AROUND, more convinced I become. All those 'educators', racketeers on the environmental bandwagon are just milking the cow, for profit/recognition, making believe to lay people, education/workshops will provide some kind of solution in 10/20/30 years to globe warming and habitat destruction.

It is cool to watch the butterfly people in Aula Verde, and every other branch of the make believe tree, to numerous to enumerate, but the greatest segment is the garbage collectors club, but that wont do.

The biggest destruction of our environment are adults, not children, therefore a little vision would demand education for employees of municipalities, private industry and homeowners.

Forget for a moment the great destruction by building/highway developers.  Habitat destruction, soil, tree, water is done by people, supine ignorant and their supervisors with trimmers, machetes, lawnmowers and diggers.

Teaching children how to build vertical gardens with wooden pallets, plant edible gardens in old polluting tires, is lame and stupid, useless and a waste of time.

Children can not use tools, in consequence being unable to destroy or restore, it would be logical to educate the culprits, those who are constantly in the field creating havoc.

that is that.

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