jueves, 25 de diciembre de 2014


WELL, I have to say I lost the desire, the urge for writing, perhaps, a result of living where I do....However, my interest in horticulture, gardening, plant propagation, criticism is alive and kicking.

In 2014, three relevant ones passed away and/or were exiled. 
Calliandra haemathocephla, Guaicum officinale. RIP. The first, shortly after my failed attempt to relocate while growing towards the electrical wires. The second, in a similar fashion, in addition to having unnoticed root rot, not consequence of water clogging, but some dk disease..   Both are still around. Guaiacum as a scaffold for the season lights, and Calliandra for vines such as: Antigonum leptopus and Passiflora foetida among others.

Pereskia bleo was exiled, the thorns got unbearable, no matter the uuusual beauty of the soft, unusual orange flower. 

There were two significant acquisitions in the collection during 2014, both for the most important reason in my view: privacy. In Puerto Rico--as in many other places-- concrete houses are practically one on top to the other, too close.  To avoid looking at the hog neighbors next door, these vines were planted a year ago 
Hylocereus undatus and Cissus Hypoglauca in the north garden.

Here Sociedad Horticultural Bouret's for those fans of botanical inventories....very few from experience.  I do not know of any other, including public botanical gardens here or away...

That is that. 


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