miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2015


I HAVE BEEN away for a long time..with the writing that is...The garden demands daily monitoring, particularly in the insect control, mostly two species, white flies the dominant.

Pruning/trimming after leaves sweeping/irrigation in that order the other activities taking most of the time..

Today was trimming the Cissus, a vine only seen in 4 other places in the San Juan Metro... A relative of Vitis vinifera, has no diseases after a year and a half, covering both sides of the fence in that time, growing constantly at a rather fast pace.

The aesthetic value from my view is the swaying with the wind...the vines coming down like stalactites...

If you are in great need of privacy, and detest people, in a misanthropic state of mind, Cissus hypoglauca is your vine....

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