martes, 25 de agosto de 2015


IF YOU practice any  form of gardening you have noticed that a percentage of your vegetation has passed slowly passed away or is in the process.  The reason is simple. Some plants with tender, thin leaves are intolerant of high temperatures, no matter if planted in the shade or not.  I could mention some but I will not, everyjuan should have noticed already, for stress signs helped by some irrigation, however let the record show, that with scarce, rationed water service it would be better to let those die, or give away since they will not tolerate the heat for a long period.

Some people thought climatic change what a hoax from some segments of the population, well is here to stay, in consequence those gardeners depending exclusively on nursery plants  will have to stretch the imagination collecting plants from the ecoregion, urban concrete/asphalt, flora and fauna, habitat, biiodviersity, context where they live.

In brief, from now on gardening will go beyond silly aesthetics demanding a biocentric focus/perspective to create useful patches of vegetation for all living creatures instead of sterile, useless turr/palm trees and similar species requiring extensive, noisy, dangerous, polluting maintenance practices.

Finally, lets hope GOLF will pass away and/or be limited to few places in the world. The irrigation, fertilizing, pesticides and fungicides required, gas and oil with mowing/blowing is definitely a crime without punishment, done anywhere with absolute impunity.

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