domingo, 21 de febrero de 2016


OUR GARDEN is really four as in cardinal points, rectangular with a different feeling/atmosphere in each side by the selection of plants in one hand, light exposure and width.

With climatic change some species have been relocated from one side to the other with more shade, but about the same temperature, others have been eliminated.

Some gardeners, the public in general believe this change is a scam, not true.  If you take gardening seriously, be aware, the high temperature increases transpiration tremendously, a problem not solved with irrigation.

Finally, even when some sides of the garden may seem more attractive than others for the beholder, I collect with biodiversity, the urban asphalt/context, other flora/fauna in mind, not just aesthetics.

At one point we had over 115 species, with the botanical inventory available for those interested and my own use.  It is useful to remember what is there and to solve problems of any kind.

The other important aspect of botanical inventories is the opportunity to understand that some species growing  spontaneously in our garden/yard are not as insignificant many may have think as in our previous post: Datura Stramonium.

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