domingo, 24 de marzo de 2013


GARDENING should be mostly fun, however, weeding, pruning and trimming are not necessarily in that department. For this reason when planning a garden one should make sure there is very little to do regarding those shores, unless you are in top physical shape.

Miguel Yamin, is a neighbor five houses up the street. We met thanks to his interest in plants/gardening, even though at 90 there is not much gardening he can do.  However, we have exchanged plants, back and forth.

A couple of days ago, I offered to organize the garden in front of the house, he accepted gladly, even after I emphasized that the pruning I had in mind will look somewhat odd in the beginning as it happens always when a messy installation is ordered.

I spent a couple of hours in the first act, the second will be done next week. Here a few photos of before and after, with a little reiterative declaration....Gardening should be an activity to enjoy, pleasurable and stimulating. Not like one of those blow/cut gardening jobs...always in a rush without any afterthought.

If any juan cares to know I would get rid of the horrendous Lagerstromia, in dead center of this space, ruining it in terms of perspective/focus,  mutilated with a machete once or twice a year thanks to the electrical wires close by.  I would rearrange the bushes, get rid of a couple of Ixoras and so forth.  

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