martes, 19 de marzo de 2013


JUST got back from one of my typical walks. is some group of good will people, concerned with the cleaning and mangroves by the water side.  However, they show a total lack of wisdom, know how regarding ecological, respectful treatment to our flora and fauna when one looks at the lagoon of useless turf they have planted around their unique spot in El Condado.

Here some suggestions to get rid of all that turf as soon as possible. If they had researched the eco-region, endemic vegetation, their narrow, simplistic, polluting, blindfolded view of the scenery would have been wider, as logic, a job well done demands.

All these species below are used to restore dunes, stop erosion, enhance areas affected by human intrusion, in addition to provide
food, shelter, housing material to the local fauna, and a bonus in terms of contrasts of texture, shape, color, flowers, none of which is possible with the silly turf.

Sporobolus virginicus
Spartina patens
Ipomoea pes-caprae
Scaveola plumieri
Lippia nodiflora
Canavalia maritima
Sesuvium portulacastrum
Remirea maritima
Ipomoea stolonifera
Siden pilosa
Chamaesyca buxifolia
Tephrosia cinerea
Cyperus planifolius
Sansevieria guianensis
Didioa maritima
Achyranthes indica
Wedelia trilobata
Pectis humifusa
Mollugo verticillata
Boerhavia diffusa
Emilia sonchifolia
Dune Reforestation in Puerto Rico
A manual for environmental managers
Department of  Natural Resources
Puerto Rico
SOME people in the environmental fad/movement without credentials believe they have the bull grabbed by the horns/scrotum, but when one observes with a critical eye, trajectory, credentials, research and some rigorous stance  the
whole scheme of their actions/desires, the results are those shown in the photos at right: a waste of time/money/effort.
I do not know who was the fool responsible for planting Lagerstromias, evidently allergic to salt breeze, that is why they
look like crap.  Instead of planting Thespesias, already available close by the water or Guiacum officinale.  I can not find any sense
in this type of foolishness.
So get to work. Do the right thing, research, before engaging in
any activity only motivated with good will without fundamental
corner stones.

PD  I have had this information for thirty years.  I got it
when my interest, concern, vocation took a turn regarding
the insane destruction of Puerto Rico's flora/fauna, thanks to the evil
forces of banking/housing/highway developers still dominating
the political/economical scene down here.

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