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MANY people may look at the photos, evidence of the crime in question, and may think, so what?
Well, if you are worried about environmental issues, organic/slow food for example, or if you are not, perhaps putting this imbecility in context may help.

Here a few words from Life in a Cubic Foot, by Edward O. Wilson, National Geographic, February 2010, page 70.
Most of the organisms in the biosphere, and the vast number of the its species, can be found at the surface or just below it.  Through their bodies pass the cycles of chemical reactions upon which all of life depends.  With precision exceeding anything our technology can match, some of the species break down the dead plant and animal material from above.  Specialized predators and parasites feed on these scavengers, and higher level specialists feed on then in turn.  The whole, working together in a constant turnover of birth and death, returns to the plants the nutrients needed to continue photosynthesis. Without the smooth working of all this linkage the biosphere will cease to exist.
In brief when Mallea/Ocampo,  gave the order to destroy all the vegetation, besides compacting the soil, arbitrarily and capriciously, all life on the soil was washed down, exterminated.

If you pale reader still have any doubts about the implications of this ecological crime, kindly check this link:

The information above, a three part post,  is taken from the most important reference there is regarding forest restoration, The Once and Future Forest, a book Mallea/Ocampo and their accomplices, Recursos Naturales et all,  evidently never heard off or had a chance to read.

It is ironic that Tito Trinidad, a former boxing champion from Puerto Rico, was fined 250,000
USA dollars for moving soil/water on his property, by Recursos Naturales, actions for which the engineer and employee were responsible.  I believe, when I look at the photos to your right, it was because he was black, not having any of the academic titles of the criminal in charge of Parque Donha Ines.

On the next episode, some of the vegetation destroyed.  When I look at the photos, can not stop thinking of Hebrews in Germany, Muslims in Kosovo.  The intention, attitude was not different.

One last word. The total salary earned by the Mallea/Ocampo tag team,  before taxes in this decade, is about a million around/or  100,000 annually.

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