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WHEN any juan receives the credentials in turf management, from institutions like the New York Botanical Garden, to observe the crude, evident lack of  commitment, maintenance of soil/green areas in a USA, National Parks institution, in El Morro, San Juan, Puerto Rico, an over m 500 years old fortress, yours truly wonders.

Is the superintendent in charge blind?  Are the employees under his command? Or is the indifferent, ignorant public?

Me wife and yours truly, visit this monument to Spanish architecture, imperialist vision, five days a week to walk, let our companion animals release their energy,

Contrary to my tradition to express criticism with recommendations at the end, this time I will go the opposite way.
These are wise, educated solutions, for those who care, with some vision, and I hope, some meaningful credentials.

Before anyjuan claims, hollering that compacted eroded soil is consequence of pedestrians/runners, on the premises, lets enumerate the equipment pertinent for maintenance.

For lawn mowing, please show some imagination. The primitive tractor used without flotation tires, compacts the soil. The huge stiff  deck is dragged without any control,  prone to scalp the soil, unable to cut according to the low/high relief, uneven  ground.  That is why many green areas in  El Morro look like crap.  The solution?

Zero-turn riding mowers capable of going 10/12 mph, with height adjustment.  Husqvarna, Ferris, Great Dane, John Deere, are some of the brands in the market.

The compacted soil demands plug aerator equipment: AERA-VATOR  AE-40E.

However,  in first place it is necessary that staff with National Parks in,  Puerto Rico to open their eyes, see, notice the ugly, really a shame, problem, that I would not be tolerated in the continental USA.  Then get the equipment and hire a superintendent with landscape maintenance credentials preferably from a serious institution in USA capable of designing a systemic annual maintenance plan, addressing the issues shown in the photos at right.

The photos in the area facing the bay are evidence of  a total lack of  concern from all employees in National Parks since this the entrance to their parking spot.  The constant erosion  washed downl the fertile soil to the entrance road where the local police parks on the grounds.  Some terraces could improve the pathetic situation, with adequate ground covers.

This lack of concern from employees, superintendent making good money has being going on for years. Show some respect for our environment, flora/fauna and solve the matter. A Harvard degree is not necessary, just good will, compromise, responsibility.


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