martes, 11 de junio de 2013


IT has been a lonely trek, I have to confess, the last ten years. It seems that I am the only juan noticing, informing, denouncing what is evident, as if was a seer, and the surrounding primates blind/deaf hogs going through life without either cojones, honesty, commitment with the ecology, biodiversity, environment they loudly preach about....when I look at the group as a whole, they deserve to be stoned to death for their lack of imagination and constant desire to make money out of their 'environmental' concerns in one hand, looking the other way, in the other.  Many are interested in organic crap, saving energy, urban chickens, intelligent houses for mentally retards planting turf,  and on and on.

The group of environmental do gooders is wide. They are into law, architecture, landscape, gardens and edible gardens, urban chickens, organic food,
agro fuels, But them bastards never deal with erosion, destruction of our patrimony in the urban context as this clear abuse of trees everywhere I go.

Como decia Quevedo en el Buscon, tienen ojos sin ninha...I por el parecen mirar el entorno...Puercos/as sordos. They got eyes but can not see, ears and can not hear.

Check the photos at right, imagine yourself slowly strangled to death, with open ulcers, thanks to the metal around your limbs.

that is that.
Ridiculous out of place palms
intolerant to salty breeze
burning the leaves as
the photos show.

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