lunes, 10 de junio de 2013


SINCE me return from NY in 2002, after doing some time in that city, I noticed the exaggerated amount of palms of all kinds, most planted in wrong places, particularly close by the sea (Ballaja/Ashford avenue, Baldorioty*), with yellowish burned leaves thanks to the saline breeze, something the isle landscape, architects, ecology, environmental pundits cuchi frito circuit have failed to see/notice in feisbuk or the media.  No one complains, all is honky dory, they believe palms are beautiful, a most in every stupid installation, a thing of the tropics, of Puerto Rico.

But lets leave palms, useless, too big, unyielding, stiff, and difficult to manage to our subject, abused, mutilated, invisible trees of Puerto Rico.  You can not walk 200 meters without finding a tree of this or that mutilated in yards, sidewalks, highway medians, country or city, parks, cemeteries, schools, you name it.

These, like the homeless, street bums, stray cats and dogs are truly invisible, like gypsies/Roma people in Europe, they are there everyjuan refuses to see them.

The chosen invisible victims for this 2/3 part post series have been showing their scars for years if not decades, without any mercy from park employees or visitors.

Parque Luis Munhoz Rivera in San Juan is the Caribbean Mecca of invisible killed, dead, mutilated trees,  a sad and pathetic trend in PLMR, is to plant vines, like Photo,Syngonium to use the killed/dead as a trellis, to grow on the dead standing tree for support.

In Greek mythology, there was no greater shame than leaving a dead soldier unburied.  I would ask, demand all those environmental preachers, bureaucrats without credentials, real interest in biodiversity to get rid of them, is a shameful site.

Cut them, replace them or not, from ground level, and pretty please with sugar on top, stop the Parques Nacionales, 007 Recursos Naturales, Fideicomiso,, senseless gospel like crap on how nice, good are trees for the fresh air, stop giving them away to people who do not give a flying fart about trees, or nature, and often after walking 200 meters to the parking lot, throw them in the surrounding areas because they are heavy.

I know, I know, Puerto Rico is bankrupt and there are many people in debt.  Do something wise, stop planting trees if you can not, do not have the required credentials/know how, inventory of best species for the urban concrete/asphalt context, good will and commitment.  Any jerk can dig a hole, call for a press conference and appear like the idiots they are with a shovel, a sick looking bended tree and a hole.

* There is palm tree mafia selling them for millions to isle municipalities without much aesthetic or survival ratios.
That is that.

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