miércoles, 19 de junio de 2013


THE enemy is like any disease, it never rests, as a result I keep watching their moves, it could be a neighbor destroying the vegetation around their residence to avoid the annoying leaves sweeping required.  Or it could be Carmen Yulin's terrorists with trimmers. She has kept the tradition started by Nuno en el Uno, this one, under the pig headed representative.  http://youtu.be/MTKfeW-_xK0

At any rate I woke up with the sound of the raindrops,  a good sign for any surprise attack, since whatever is planted has a good start, no matter if by division as in this attack or by seeds, my favorite tactic.

You have to understand, the modus operandi of them enemies...one day, when least expected, machete/trimmer in hand they will destroy everything you have done...except  the knowledge of seed viability and behavior, will allow a percentage of the whole to survive since when throwing or planting any seeds, not all of them will germinate grounds at once.

With division, I cut the leaves as  short as possible, planting as deep as necessary to allow them plants to develop a root system.  Once there are some roots if you choose correctly the machete/trimmer nature butchers can only destroy the top, while the plant recovers coming back after a while.  An on and on, destruction, restoration.

This link is one of various post on the subject if you search under guerrilla gardening here, you will be able to see the trajectory.

The enemy never rests, you have to stay in shape, good stamina and physical condition, otherwise, they will defeat you.  Attack and vencera!
Them pollinators, other flora/fauna will be grateful for your cojones, even if the enemy and collaborators will laugh at your efforts while watching their useless lives fading away.

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